Investors and Entrepreneurs

Investment immigration, or permanent residence in the United States based on EB5 investment, is a reality. CalixtoLaw has assisted many investors to achieve U.S. permanent residence based on their investments.

“EB5” is a short reference to the employment-based fifth preference category of immigration. The U.S. Congress has authorized 10,000 immigrant visas annually for the EB5 category. Upon admission, the investor will commence a two-year period of “conditional residence.”

Standard processing times are averaging 13.7 months, counting from the time the initial investor petition is filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) to the time the immigrant visa is issued. Actual processing times in a particular case can vary widely, due to government changes in staffing and priorities.

Under the EB5 program, U.S. permanent residence may be granted where there is an investment of at least $1 million ($500,000 in many cases) and a plan for creation of 10 jobs. However, the EB5 category has many technical requirements, and consequently the practice of EB5 law is considered a highly complex sub-speciality within the immigration law field.

Investment is not the only means for achieving U.S. permanent resident. Other avenues include petitions by family members and employers, and in many situations these alternative avenues are preferred.